Review of Geek Chic Cosmetics

I’ll start this out with a confession: I have terrible skin. Scars, freckles, red patches and pores large enough to park a Smart Car. I’m always looking for a “miracle in a bottle” so I’ve tried a lot of cosmetics.

ImageLast month, a friend of mine recommended Geek Chic Cosmetics, and I was immediately attracted to the company. Being just a wee bit of a geek myself was one selling point. The other was that it was a small business and I’m an enthusiastic supporter of entrepreneurs. Their cosmetics also contain no harmful additives and are not tested on animals.

My friend suggested the powder foundation. I haven’t had much luck with those; they tend to leave my face looking like I’m not wearing anything, which is good if you have nice skin, bad if you don’t. I got little to no coverage out of products that people rave about, like Bare Minerals. (Last week, I returned the Bare Minerals products I bought to the Sephora store.) But my friend said the Geek Chic powder foundation was good stuff, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I also purchased three of their perfume sticks. Their scents sounded interesting.

Shipping was very prompt and they used a minimum of packaging, something I appreciate. They sent me an email notice when it shipped and on the estimated arrival date to remind me, which was good because I keep forgetting I have a P.O. box. They included in the package a sample of their eye shadow. It’s a dark shade I wouldn’t usually wear, but it spreads really well, so I was able to use a tiny bit and just get a nice hint of color.

ImageI bought the Codex powder, their lightest shade. Like many geeks, I’m sort of an “indoor girl” and I have’t willingly been in the sun since the Bush administration. (Not “W”… the first one.) The loose powder came in a cute little circular container with a plastic sifter inside. The lid is a bit small to do the old “swirl, tap, buff” routine I was taught at Sephora, but there are ways around that.

The powder has a faint pink tinge to it, which is good for people like me, for whom matching foundations often give a ghostly appearance. This powder puts a hint of color back in my skin.

The powder is silky soft and very fine. It doesn’t accentuate my massive pores like some powders can. And it actually covers! People who have decent skin would be able to wear this powder alone. (I wear my Skin79 BB cream under it and it looks fabulous, even in direct sunlight.) It’s light enough that I don’t look like I’m “wearing makeup” but still covers my flaws quite well. I noticed today that it gives my skin a very faint sheen, like bare skin has in the sunlight, not the completely flat, matte look of some powders. It also wears well. It lasts all day for me with a touch-up needed toward evening, as usual.

ImageI loved the scent sticks. I bought two from their Badasses of Fiction line and one from the Thedas line. All of the scents were described well; I got what I expected,and I really enjoyed the blend of fragrances in each one. The only minor issue I have is that I wish the scent lasted longer, but the way it’s packaged makes it quick and convenient to re-apply. (Which I did. Frequently. I need to order more.)

All in all, I’d recommend this company without hesitation. The products are inexpensive and good quality. I just wish they had more stuff!


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