I Smell Like Dead Writers & It Is Awesome


I saw something come across my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago and decided I had to try it. It was a perfume called Dead Writers made by Sweet Tea Apothecary. I think I’ve found a new favorite scent!

I ordered the sample pack, which contains four different scents for twelve dollars; shipping was free. They arrived quickly and were prettily packaged in a little cloth bag, tied with blue string. It would make a nice gift. They also included a 10% off coupon in the package they sent me, which I thought was very nice of them.

The four bottles are small, but the perfume oil is powerful. Each contains enough for probably about half a dozen uses.

The Writers scents are unisex. I’ve always liked spicy, musky, woodsy scents as opposed to sweet and flowery or fruity, so these aromas really appealed to me.

The first I tried, of course, was Dead Writers. At first sniff, encountering it while still in the bottle, I wasn’t sure I would like it. It’s one of those scents that smells much better on the skin and the longer I wore it, the more I liked it. It’s a warm, spicy scent. Like all of the perfumes in this collection, it’s difficult to describe because there are a lot of different notes working together. There’s a faint undertone of sweetness under the cinnamony-spice. It reminds me of the smell of old paper, and aged leather. It’s a rich, heady scent and I love it. I ordered a full-sized bottle today.

The second scent I tried was Dharma Bum, a scent based on Jack Kerouac. It’s spicy, with a strong note of patchouli. Like Dead Writers, it’s a complex scent that defies description in simple terms. Every time I smell it, a different note teases my nostrils. I have a feeling I’m going to end up ordering a full-sized bottle of this one, too.

ImageThoreau is a very green, woodsy scent. It’s lighter than the other fragrances in this collection, so if your taste runs more toward sweet, delicate scents, this one may be for you. The woodsy notes could make this smell good on a man, sort of a fresh, outdoors-y kind of cologne.

I’ll admit, I thought I disliked Lenore when I first smelled it, and it was the last sample I tried. In the bottle, I thought it had an “old lady” smell of cloying roses. But, I decided to give it a whirl because the other scents had been so much better than they had initially seemed while still in the bottle. Lenore turned out to be the same way. The roses are there, but it’s sort of “surrounded” by other scents, some of the spice of Dead Writers warms it up and blends beautifully with the rose. There’s also a hint of the “green” scent which makes it smell like a freshly cut rose instead of the stale, heavy “artificial rose” you encounter in  some perfumes. I’ve never been fond of floral scents, but I really wouldn’t call this flowery. Though it’s not my favorite of this collection, I’ll wear it and see if it grows on me.

All four perfumes seemed long-wearing. Today, I wore Dead Writers while I was out and about. After four hours, I was still catching whiffs of it. I thought it was interesting that my nose didn’t become “numb” to it the way it sometimes does when I wear other perfumes. Out of all of the samples, Thoreau seemed to be the least powerful, which makes sense, considering the others are comprised of more powerful scents.

I also ordered the sample pack of Pomp and Circumstance, a collection based on historical women, such as Anne Boleyn and Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. I can’t wait to try them.


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