I Smell Like a Paperback; It’s Not as Great As it Sounds

ImageI think I may have an addiction problem when it comes to perfume. Seriously, I have cabinets and drawers full of the stuff. And the geek in me delights when I see something that is related to writers or books. So, when I came across Demeter’s Paperback, I couldn’t hit the One Click fast enough.

This is a case of the product delivering exactly what it advertises. It smells like a paperback book. I mistakenly expected a perfume with notes of old paper and leather, like my beloved Dead Writers, but Demeter doesn’t go that way with their fragrances. They are not “inspired by” or just “notes of”… They smell exactly like what they’re named and that’s all. No other fragrances blended in.

Paperback smells like fresh paper, ink and glue. It doesn’t have the warm spice of old paper; it smells like a book you just purchased at Barnes and Noble. And while it’s a scent I delight in, especially when it’s emitted from a heavy sack of books just purchased, it’s not a fragrance I would choose as a perfume. I wouldn’t expect someone who catches a whiff of me wearing it to say, “Oh gosh, you smell so good. What is that scent you’re wearing?”

Demeter carries a huge list of fragrances, from food to flowers, and even some very unusual scents like mildew and dirt. I also purchased the caramel, which smells absolutely luscious. The only drawback is it only lasted two or three hours, at most.

That said, I’ll probably end up ordering a few more, possibly in lotion or roll-on form. (They sell quite a few choices for each fragrance.) And maybe wearing Paperback while I’m writing will remind me of my end goal, to see my words in print.


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