“In the Library” Perfume by CB I Hate Perfume

2013-07-26 22.04.26

The latest addition to my “writer’s perfume” collection is CB I Hate Perfume’s In The Library.

From the description:

“In the Library is a warm blend of English Novel, Russian & Moroccan Leather Bindings, Worn Cloth and a hint of Wood Polish.”

I bought the “perfume absolute” because I like the silky texture of perfume oils and they seem to last longer than sprays. Plus, the alcohol scent of eau de perfume often throws off my nose and I can’t smell it properly for some time.

I’ve also learned you usually can’t judge a perfume based on what it smells like in the bottle, but this one was a little unusual in that regard, because it smelled so faint even in the bottle.

This is the lightest scent of all the ones I’ve purchased in my “writer’s perfume” quest. Very light. In fact, I have to press my nose to my skin to smell it, even when it’s freshly applied. It does smell like paper and I can detect the lemon, and maybe the wood, but not the leather or cloth. (My husband just came into the room and looked at me oddly for having the back of my hand pressed against my nose while trying to describe this aroma.) I can smell the laundry detergent on my shirt collar stronger than the perfume I applied right under it.

It comes in a little glass bottle with a glass plug stopper at the top. The stopper does not form a tight seal, so you’ve got to be very careful with the bottle. It had a plastic shrink-seal on it when it was shipped to me, but that didn’t prevent it from leaking a little. Fortunately, not much seeped out.

Out of all the perfumes I’ve purchased in this little experiment, this is the one I’m least happy with. It was the most expensive, and while I think the scent is a good one, I like to at least be able to detect a faint whiff of a perfume while I’m wearing it. I almost feel like I’d get better results from rubbing a book on my skin.


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